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Hey guys. Apologies for the very long post, but I feel as if this needs to be said.

I’m sure everyone remembers that really awesome, amazingly well made Jake English cosplay that was circulating around for a while? Their url is whatevachild.

These are some of the answered asks on their page. I noticed that some people were receiving really rude answers, and I felt as if I should say something. This cosplayer believes that if you aren’t perfect, then you’re a shitty cosplayer.

The very last two pictures are the responses I received to my asks to them. I honestly respected them as a cosplayer, and strived to make my cosplays as well as them one day. Now, I know I’m no professional, and I’m not some type of cosplay god, but I put a LOT of work into my cosplays. I spend a lot of money and time on them….but APPARENTLY, I will never be able to be as good as this person. I simply tried to be polite and let them know that maybe they should be a little less rude towards maybe not-so-amazing cosplayers, and this was the answer I got.

My point is, you can be an amazing cosplayer, and you can have your opinions, but there’s no need to make other people feel like shit because of a damn hobby. Feel free to take cosplay as seriously as you wish, but once you become a prick towards other people because their cosplay doesn’t live up to your own expectations, you become a pretty awful cosplayer.

Oh no
no one be like this guy ever
There you’re set for life

Okay, here is where I, Nadia will step in and defend a group of people who may not be doing what is best for them in the eyes of God. One thing I can recognize is talent. Yes, sinful talent but talent all the same. Correct me if I am wrong, but this “cosplay” business from what I have seen so far looks as if it takes quite a bit of work. Also, must I ask this, does anybody in the real world really cares? Do contractors and managers say “Oh, this person’s cosplay was no good, so we can’t hire them?” Whether or not a cosplay is good should not matter. Yes, I do have strong beliefs against cosplays but for Holy reasons. However, even then I will never use such language towards people for no reason. I also do not think I am better than anyone on this earth, be it they are sinners or saints. We are all equal. Thank you for your time and God Bless. 



Did homestuck-is-a-sin just… did she…




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